Health Care business mentor of the year award

10-Oct-2016 06:21


They All Belong To That Minority Community Which Has Always Faced The Axe Of Male Domination. But Now The Path Has Taken A Dramatic Change. Women Are Not Participating And In Fact Actively Contributing Toward The Tremendous Growth Of Indian Economy. Whether It Is The Case Of Indian Women Army Facilitating A Peace Mission In Liberia Or The Case Of Kiran Majumdar Shaw Showing Entrepreneurial And Developmental Fore Sight Of Biocon, All Are There To Give The Male Dogma A Shiver In Their Spine. The Only Community To Withstand A Blow Of Sati, House Violence, Sexual Harassments And The Status Quo Of "Burqa Clad" Community. The Veil Has Fallen And Now The Globe Is Witnessing A Participative Role Of Women In Each And Every Field Of Man Dominated Work....Women Are Great Managers But Very Few Make It Because Of Not Being Ambitious Enough Or Because It`S Primarily `A Man`S World`. On The Other Hand, Men Find Them Aggressive When They Are Only Assertive And Getting The Job Done. Why They Are So Different:

  • Women Leaders Are Highly Persuasive
  • Women Leaders Feel The Sting Of Rejection But Rapidly Learn From Adversity And Develop An "I`Ll Show You" Attitude
  • Women Leaders Have An Inclusive Team Oriented Style Of Problem Solving And Decision-Making
  • Women Leaders Are More Likely To Ignore Rules And Take Risks"

If The Women Are So Talented And Nurturing Personality Then Why They Can't Be Treated At Par With Men?

Can There Be A World Where Both Of These Lives Can Prosper Together, Can Co-Exist? Can They Be Called As "Ardh Shakti"

(excerpts from a great essay of Shri V K Sathyajeet)

NAZ HAIN BETIYA 17th March 2018

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Swasth Ratna award 2018

Many many congratulations to Dr. Jyoti Malik for being awarded Swasth Ratna Award 2018 for her commendable work in the field of healthcare... ......

Free Mammography Health Camp at JJ Institute of Medical Science

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22nd Annual Congress of ISAR 2017

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