10 Things Your Gynaecologist Wants You to Know

10-Jul-2017 09:54

When it comes to dealing with womanhood problems, your gynaecologist is the right person to seek guidance from. Dr. Jyoti Mallik, the best gynaecology specialist in Bahadurgarh shares 10 important tips:

1. When you should have a pelvic exam: It is advisable to undergo a pelvic examination every year. This enables doctors to check problems that can arise in the pelvis.

2. Is it time for a mammogram?: If you have reached an age of 50 years or more, you should get a mammogram done once every two years. This enables early detection of breast cancer.

3. What to do if you have a painful period: Do not ignore your painful periods. JJIMS, one of the top gynaecology hospitals in Bahadurgarh advises you to get yourself examined by a gynaecologist who is your best guide.

4. Safety of birth control pills: Discuss freely the safe use and dosage of a birth control pill before you start taking them. Your gynaecologist can be the best guide.

5. Do not self-treat: Do not start medication in consultation with your fiends. Always consult your doctor. JJIMS, one amongst the top gynaecology hospitals in Bahadurgarh is always by your side.

6. Heavy menstrual bleeding isn’t normal: If you have heavy menstrual periods, consult with your gynaecologist and seek guidance for they might be indications of a problem.

7. Maintain personal hygiene: It is extremely important to maintain personal hygiene as urine and sweat cause bacterial growth. It is crucial to maintain proper hygiene.

8. Keep a check on your weight: Obesity is the root cause of many problems including infertility. Dr. Mallik, the best gynaecology specialist in Bahadurgarh advises you to keep your weight under control.

9. Watch out for abnormal discharge: If you face a vaginal discharge this has a bad odour, consult your doctor, for it might be due to a vaginal infection.

10. Get regular medical checkups done: The best gynaecology specialist in Bahadurgarh is there to take care of all your problems. Do not hesitate in consulting your doctor.

JJIMS, one of the top Gynaecology hospitals in Bahadurgarh wishes you a happy and healthy womanhood!

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