Dengue Safety Health Tips On This National Dengue Day

16-May-2017 07:59

An Occasion to initiate action to prevent Dengue and Make it a practice

Let us prevent dengue with few simple steps

  • Properly cover water tanks/containers with tight lids
  • Dispose and destroy all unused containers, junk, material, tyres etc.
  • Empty, clean and dry coolers every week & paint inner side every year
  • Change the water from pots and vases very week
  • Wear full sleeved clothes, use mosquito net and mosquito repellent
  • In case of fever, take paracetamol and plenty of oral fluids


Initiatives Undertaken

  • India Fights Dengue:
  • A Mobile App launched by Government of India for prevention and control of Dengue
  • Download the App on your mobile phone from Google play store/ App Store
  • Strategic Framework for effective community participation has been developed to strengthen preventive measures
  • Free Diagnosis facility in identified hospitals across the country at 571 places. To know your nearby facility log on to

Community Empowerment: A tool for Dengue Control

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