Low Blood Sugar (Hypoglycaemia) - Detection and Treatment at Home

09-May-2017 10:04

Low blood sugar is a disorder that can be cured rapidly with some raisins or, orange juice, right away, and then you must follow a balanced nourishing meal. It may be a threatening symbol for other underlying situations.


What Is Hypoglycemia?

There are two types of hypoglycemia; that occurs in insulin-dependent patients and it occurs in non-diabetic individuals. The indications can be:

Mild - you get hungry, a little nervous possibly, probable heart palpitations. 

Moderate - you may get blurred vision, become very ill-tempered, or confused. 

Severe - you may have a pass out, seizure, or go into unconsciousness.


Though, exact hypoglycemia, in which the signs can be critical, generally happens in insulin-dependent patients as an outcome of having more insulin than required to stable the volume of sugar in their body fluid. To stop this kind of hypoglycemia, insulin-dependent patients should perceive the following:


Monitor insulin carefully – consult with your doctor in JJ Institute of Medical Sciences Pvt Ltd, Haryana  located at Rohtak Rd, MIE Part-B, Bahadurgarh, Haryana 124507 regarding the daily meal plan and the restrictions in the diet charts. You must not for get to take the medicines in the desired time. Keep a routine check on the blood sugar level of your body.

Plan your meals – when you are a diabetic it is always essential for you to take the meals in the perfect time. You must not stay in empty stomach condition. If you cannot eat a full meal at a time, you can choose to eat them within a gap of 2-3 hours.

Always carry a saving kit that comprises glucagon and glucose tablets. 

For non-insulin dependent patients, generally you have sufficient deposited glucose in the liver that gets released by discharging the hormone glucagon when the blood sugar falls. This will release a little more glucose into the blood to keep you until you can have food again. Though, do not overlook these early low blood sugar threatening marks, eat some food first.


What else can cause Hypoglycemia?

Certain medicines: Some anti-depressants, like aspirin, quinine, MAO (monooxidase inhibitors), aspirin in general. Though, certain classes of antibiotics have been linked with blood glucose irregularities as well, typically in old patients with type 2 diabetes. 

Underlying Medical Situations: Certain circumstances can cause normal to high hypoglycemic problems. One of them is pheochromocytoma, a type of small tumor in the adrenal gland. If you have low blood sugar levels often, your consultant at JJ Institute of Medical Sciences Pvt Ltd,  Haryana  who will likely need to examine you for pheo, as well as additional disorder called insulinoma, a lump of the pancreas which causes you to release too much insulin and blood sugars to drip regularly. Also, cancer, as well as hepatitis, irregularities of the adrenals or pituitary glands, or kidney illnesses can create low blood sugar happenings. 

Alcohol: Many patients have low blood sugar after consuming excess alcohol. Be sure when you consume alcohol to take food with it. 

After-Eating: Some patients have low blood sugar after having a big meal because they release more insulin than the body actually needs to process it. This can also happen in individuals who have had gastric banding for weight loss or gastric bypass surgery.


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