Top 10 Summer Health Tips for Kids

17-Apr-2017 09:16

The summer is here with its scorching heat. It’s time to beat the heat with some healthy tips that would keep your toddlers safe in summers! Dr. Vinod head of Paediatrics and neonatal Medicine department , JJIMS suggests some useful health tips that could come in handy these summer months while managing your kids below 5 years: 


  1.  Let the kids stay indoors from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm: For kids, summers are the time to enjoy both outdoor and indoor activities. These come with their own risks, however. Ask your kids to not step out in the summer sun from 10:00 am in the morning to 4:00 pm in the afternoon. Defense is the best prevention when it comes to summers. Stay indoors, stay safe!
  2. Dress them appropriately: Dress your little ones below 5 years in light, cotton clothing, which are loose and light-weight. Light colored clothes are excellent reflectors of heat and bounce back most of the solar radiation back into the atmosphere.
  3. Keep kids hydrated: It is important that you take utmost care regarding their water intake. Kids tend to get absorbed in fun play, often forgetting to drink plenty of water every now and then. This is particularly important for children below 5 years of age.

  4. Never leave your kids in a parked car! A parked car, even with its windows open becomes a solar radiation accumulating chamber that quickly heats up and keeps heat inside. Never, ever leave your kids inside a parked car- this can be fatal!

  5. Apply sunscreen liberally: Sunburns are the major cause of Skin Cancers. Ensure that you apply a liberal dose of sunscreen to your child.

  6. Stay cool with showers: Ensure that you bathe your kids daily with cool water that feels comfortable. This would keep their body temperature at moderate levels.

  7. Keep mosquitoes at bay: Children fall easy prey to bugs and mosquitoes during summers. Apply herbal and dermatologically tested Insect repellents to the skin if the kid plays outdoors and keep them under mosquito nets while indoors. Make them wear full-sleeved clothes to protect them from mosquito bites.

  8. Do not let kids overstrain themselves: Overstraining during summers can cause a rapid rise of body temperature in the already scorching atmosphere. Make sure kids don’t overstrain themselves!

  9. Full-Sleeved Clothing is the best: Full sleeved clothing not only protect kids from the harmful Ultraviolet rays of the sun but also protect them from insect bites.

  10. Cook Healthy & Fresh: Ensure that your children refrain from eating fast-food and outside food. Encourage them to fresh, healthy cooked food with lots of fruits to stay healthy and fit!

The exciting summer vacation has just begun. Do not let the heat spoil your fun! Follow the tips above and keep your toddler safe during the summer time. JJIMS wishes you and your little one a Happy Summer!

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