This World Health Day: Summer Health Tips with JJIMS!

07-Apr-2017 07:23

The 7th April 2017 is celebrated as the World Health Day every year to mark the founding of the WHO- the World Health Organization. On this special occasion, Dr. Jyoti Malik and her team at the JJ Institute of Medical Sciences are all geared up to beat the heat and stay healthy these summers. With the fun in summer come the summer fouls. During summers, the earth is the closest to the sun; this means that the rays of the sun cast their strongest impact on our skin. Some summer health issues and the tips to tackle them are:



  • Keep the skin hydrated:  Not drinking enough water is a serious health issue in the scorching heat. This could sometimes be life threatening! Always carry enough water with you at all times.

  • Heat stroke is the most common problem:  Heat stroke is inevitably the most common problem that is associated with summers. The symptoms of heat stroke include fast pulse as well as short and rapid breathing. To combat heatstroke, immediately move to a cool and shady place! Seek medical help.

  • Protect yourself from UV Rays:  Ultraviolet rays of the sun cause maximum damage to the skin. The UV rays cause skin tanning too. If possible, stay indoors from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. If you have to go outdoors, wear a hat, protect your eyes with sunglasses, and wear full-sleeved clothing. Do not forget to take an umbrella! Use sunscreen to prevent sun rays from tanning your skin.

  • Mosquito & Bug bites:  This is one of the most serious issues related to summers. Apply mosquito repellent creams and wear full clothing.

  • Vigorous exercise is a strict no-no:  Dr.Jyoti of JJIMS advices you to ease your workouts and refrain from strenuous exercises during summers.

  • Leg cramps are more common during summers:  To avoid leg cramps, it is suggested that you stay hydrated at all times. Doing so will ensure these cramps occur less often.

  • Skin rashes, Joint pain & fatigue:  Sunlight triggers skin rashes, joint pain, and also causes fatigue. Use sunscreen to prevent skin rashes and cover the open body parts to minimize damage.

  • Wear light colored cotton clothes:  Light colors reflect sunlight better and keep the surface beneath cooler. This why you should wear light colored cotton clothes since they quickly absorb sweat.

  • Food poisoning:  This is a major health problem during summers. Avoid stale food and always eat fresh food. Cut and open street food is best avoided.


Following the above tips, you are now ready to beat the heat this summer!


JJIMS- your health partner, wishes you happy & healthy summers this World Health Day!
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